Whalers Way

“One of the top 10 best places to stay in South Africa” – Condé Nast House & Garden (October 2006) Whaler’s Way is an exquisite Churchhaven beach house that is big on charm and small on environmental impact. The house is built on an entirely green footprint of reclaimed materials, solar panels, locally sourced finishes and rainwater […]


Scrimshaw: A type of folk art dating from at least the 17th century in which whale teeth and bones, and walrus tusks, are engraved with a picture or design by sailors on long whaling voyages. At Scrimshaw you will find a contemporary beach cottage designed with an understanding of the traditional West Coast langhuis. This subtle blend […]

Johannes Cottage

South Africa is full of beautiful places but to my mind Churchaven is the most alluring of all. I still recall the day I discovered it, nearly 40 years ago, driving along an unmarked gravel road (a good tip for would-be adventurers) in the West Coast National Park. It was wash day in this small […]